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Wilson sees the light

Wilson lives a simple life by making Zulu huts for income. Every day he wakes up, goes out to cut grass, dries the grass in the sun and spends the remainder of his day weaving his huts. But for Wilson, life was not always this simple. For many years, Wilson battled with a deep-seated anger that...

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A drug addict discovers a way out

By Elta Lubbe, Centurion: If you live in Pretoria, you may have driven past him quite a few times. Maybe you stopped and pushed a few rand into his hands, maybe you looked the other way, maybe you silently judged him for being “one of those people that society can do without.”  I know, fo...

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The A-Team

By Pheto Ratua: A normal business day in South African townships starts at 4am. Taxi ranks, train stations and other public transportation are already in a hustle and bustle. Some going into work, others 2 hours away from knocking off - the story of a people fighting to survive. ...

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